Appeal for funds to assist in the long term maintenance of the crater.

The Lochnagar Crater is privately owned and maintained. It is not part of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, nor Government funded. The money required for its maintenance comes from donations from people who want to preserve it for future generations. Click on the photographs below to read more about the work that has been done.

Repairing the damage caused by the hundreds of thousands of visitors walking around the Crater each year, and keeping the vegetation in check are ongoing tasks.

If you feel you would like to help by contributing to the costs please use the 'Donate' button on the left to donate by PayPal or send a cheque made out to The Friends of Lochnagar to:

Friends of Lochnagar (Maintenance),
Little Down,
Hog's Back,
GU10 1HD.
United Kingdom


Each year it is estimated that up to 250,000 people will walk around the Crater path. Whilst every visitor is welcome, the damage caused by wear and tear has been enormous. For instance, the chalk path itself has been eroded away at the rate of 6 inches in just 4 years. This also has made it increasingly dangerous, especially in the wet and whilst each visitor enters the site at their own risk, safety is always paramount.

The path itself is 'degraded' chalk - debris from the original 1916 explosion and this reconstituted and compacted chalk will always turn to the 'glue' the moment it gets saturated and walked upon. Therefore in the spring of 2012 a handsome wooden path was constructed to address these problems. To read more about this please click the picture on the right.

Path Appeal

The original Cross was erected in 1986. Made from ancient pine rescued from a deconsecrated church in Northumberland, it was struck by lightning soon after it was erected. It did well to last until 2010 and was replaced in 2011.

Read the full story of the Cross by clicking the picture on the right of Warren Osborne and Iain Fry inspecting the remnants of the original Cross.

Cross Appeal

The original wreath laying area around the cross was made in 2004. At the same time the entrance was made more formal with duck boarded tracks leading onto the site.

In 2014 the wreath laying area was refurbished and a wheelchair friendly ramp was installed.

Read more about the Wreath laying area and the entrance by clicking the picture of the right.

Wreath Area

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