Educational Resources

Specifically created for us by an experienced teacher and tour guide, a work-pack entitled ‘Adopt an Unknown Soldier is available for schools and colleges to utilise and enhance their learning experience.

Adopt an Unknown soldier

The following resources can be used for schools visiting Lochnagar or as a lesson on the Unknown soldier. Schools visiting the battlefields would benefit by completing ‘Adopt an Unknown Soldier’ before visiting, as this would provide a soldier as a point of reference at Lochnagar Crater and Thiepval.

Pupil’s are given a bookmark containing the details of an Unknown soldier that died at La Boisselle on July 1st 1916. They use the details to complete an Unknown grave. This lesson provides general information on the Unknown soldier and the battle that took place at La Boisselle on July 1st 1916. The pupil’s will learn the story of their unknown soldier as well as a detailed explanation of the tactics used on the day. An extension exercise is also available in which the pupils take command of the battlefield to see if they can reduce the casualties. On the worst day ever in British Military History (July 1st 1916) – La Boisselle was the worst battlefield. It holds the following records:

  • The highest number of casualties on the day – 6,380
  • The highest number of soldiers killed – 2,267
  • The highest number of Unknown soldiers – 1,927  85% of the soldiers killed.
  • The widest piece of No Man’s land on the Somme battlefront – 800m
  • The Lochnagar Mine was largest man made explosion at that moment in time.