Lochnagar Partnerships for Peace

A new, international movement to honour the dead and heal the living
Those millions who gave their lives in the Great War were each striving for peace – for themselves, their families and their countries. Yet 100 years later, we still have a turbulent and divisive world, still in desperate need of peace. We now urgently need to do more than just formally remember them once a year. We, as individuals, can’t bring peace between nations, but together we can still bring a little more peace into our own lives, and into the lives of those around us. In their honour. This is a new movement to help heal the inherited and emotional wounds of war, for anybody wishing to channel their compassion into innovative action.

In 1919 the Peace Treaty was signed

One hundred years ago, the Paris Peace Treaty was signed at Versailles, formally ending the First World War. The final agreement was to affect the lives of millions of people, dozens of nations and, arguably trigger countless more conflicts.

Yet during that conference each of the politicians fervently strove for peace. For four years before that, millions of troops had suffered and died in the mud and blood of battle. Millions more returned, their minds broken by trauma.

In the aftermath, those who had lost loved ones often struggled with the injustice of extreme poverty and hardship. Or those who did return had lives blighted by deep-seated trauma and loss. To this day, many descendants of those families still suffer the consequences, bearing the emotional scars passed down through generations.

Together, we can make a difference

That intense, sustained suffering has shaped us and our society, and still does, often buried beneath the surface. At times of personal or social stress it may come to the surface, often creating division, discord and disunity, polarised by politicians and growing extremism to the level that it is now a crisis.

We today cannot affect the world, or nations, or millions of people. But together, we can each do something positive that affects our world and the world of those around us.

lochnagar partners for peace

1919 – The Great War Ends
2019 – The Great Peace Begins


War kills people.
But just as bad, it wounds people,
families, communities and countries.
Wounds of war, handed down through generations
still cause division, conflict and suffering.
But a special kind of peace can heal that hurt.
A peace of compassion and kindness,
respect and tolerance,
forgiveness and reconciliation.
Let us now, with this Partnership,
wage peace.

Lochnagar Crater July 1916 Drvr Ernest Charles Barnes 1st Field artillery Bde 21st Howitzer Bde

We now invite you to become a Lochnagar Partner for Peace

We are establishing a national and international movement of relationships, via an informal network called ‘Lochnagar Partnerships for Peace’.

Becoming a Partner is easy. You don’t need to formally join, or sign anything or even let us know (unless you wish to). All we ask, to pass on the precious baton of peace, is that you commit to daily acts that foster and bring a little more personal peace into our lives and into the lives of those around us – our families, our friends, our workplaces and our communities. Anything, from simple, thoughtful acts of loving care and support to more challenging acts, such as healing a dispute or longstanding feud. Each act could transform someone’s day – or their life. It’s that simple.

These acts can focus on the six vital components of peace: compassion, kindness, respect, forgiveness, reconciliation and unity – all proven to reduce suffering and conflict.

This innovative Partnership is made up of kindred spirits from all backgrounds – an informal network of like-minded individuals and social groups, of religious and non-religious organisations, schools & colleges and enlightened corporations.

This radical new way to honour the fallen can create a unifying and healing ‘ripple’ effect throughout the UK and in each of the major combatant nations.

Follow this link to see a list of suggestions of many different things you might consider doing ‘The Partnership – Daily Acts for Peace’.

You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or email us direct on info@lochnagarcrater.org

lochnagar path of peace ambassadors

We begin by inviting each Partner to make a personal commitment:

The Lochnagar Promise to the Fallen:

‘I promise to honour all those who fell
and to strive each day
to make the world around us
a place of more compassion and kindness;
respect and tolerance; forgiveness
and reconciliation.
Let us now, in their honour, wage peace.’

The unique Lochnagar Wreath of Reconciliation

At all of our ceremonies, we lay The Lochnagar Wreath of Reconciliation, commemorating the fallen of all the main combatant nations – Great Britain, France, Germany, Rep. of Ireland, Belgium, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, East and West Africa, West Indies, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Italy, Japan, Portugal, the Balkans, Russia and China.

1,000 white lilies of peace

During the centenary ceremony at Lochnagar on November 11th 2018 we placed almost 1,000 white lilies of peace on the imposing 16 foot Lochnagar cross. We also read out the names of 100 soldiers, sailors, airmen and nurses from all the main combatant nations.