Forthcoming – Major Reconciliation Project

Announced on July 1st 2018 (the 40th anniversary of the purchase of Lochnagar) and launched on November 11th 2018 – the centenary of the Armistice. It will initially run until June 28th 2019, the signing of the Peace Treaty and beyond.

This is a new form of Remembrance and one that seeks to change the focus solely from traditional, military-based ‘once a year’ charities (laudable though they are) into a more community based year-round approach’.

It will initially attract those who still feel strong compassion for the suffering and tragedy of the Great War and who wish to do something positive about it (at least a quarter of a million people annually still make a pilgrimage to the WW1 battlefields). It will then broaden out to include those who are altruistic and believe in exploring an alternative to war, no matter where in the world.

There are currently few opportunities for people to channel their endeavours into areas involving ‘peace’. ‘Peace’ in this sense is not simply the absence of conflict but fostering a unifying sense of kindness, respect, understanding and harmony by actively caring for those around us (and ourselves). We believe the majority of those who fought in that war would support this, especially those who were so tragically denied a full and fulfilling life.

We believe many families in all the countries who suffered in that war (and all wars) continue to be affected by the ‘wounds’ – the psychological and social consequences of that war, even after 100 years.

Today, the Lochnagar Crater is seen by many as a vast, symbolic ‘wound’ that represents the suffering and losses of that terrible war, and many who visit or attend the ceremonies are profoundly affected by their experience and many speak of the ‘healing’ nature of their visit.

Unknown French official –crater 21st Sept 1917