The Aims of the Foundation

The role of the Foundation is to protect and preserve the Crater for future generations and to ensure that the site is maintained as a memorial to those who gave their lives at the Battle of the Somme, as well as the men and women of all nations, who suffered in the Great War.

The activities of the Foundation are united by a strong ethos that permeates everything we do. Our values and our ethos are summarised by the following:

  • To maintain and preserve the site, and to assist visitors from all nations to have a rewarding, fulfilling and emotional experience.
  • To ensure it is never exploited for commercial or personal gain.
  • To provide year-round, free accessibility for all.
  • To create two annual remembrance ceremonies, one on the anniversary of the explosion on July 1st and one on Armistice Day on November 11th.
  • To protect, enhance and encourage the unique atmosphere of peace and fellowship, and to foster the spirit of reconciliation.